WCC Worship Teams

Worship is an integral part of the everyday life of Westside CC.  It isn't just about the music, quality of musicianship or how well we sing.  It's about giving Jesus his worth!  Lifting him up and making ourselves smaller.  We LOVE to worship!  Currently we have three full worship teams and are always seeking those who would worship the Father in Spirit and Truth to help us out on Sundays, Wednesdays and Monday nights at Celebrate Recovery.  We currently have 3 worship teams who rotate on Sundays and one worship team for Celebrate Recovery.

CURRENT NEEDS: We are actively looking for a sound engineer.  If you have experience in sound or have a heart for that ministry and want to get involved see Pastor Zak 541-787-7779 for more information.  

We are always looking for more musicians and singers as well!  If you play an instrument or would like to sing on one of our worship teams see Pastor Zak as well!

*Below are a few examples of Live Worship at Westside. For more comprehensive view, please visit our ARCHIVED services.
This is the Lord's House (Live Sunday Morning)


Hey I'm a Beliver Now /  I'm So Glad