Who are we as a church?

We are an independent Christian Church, and as such, we are not regulated by a national headquarters. We are an autonomous church governed only by the Bible. Elders are selected to be the leadership of Christ’s earthly church, and all pastors work under the direction and authority of the eldership.

We sincerely follow the Holy Spirit's leading as we try to carry on Christ's work. We are dedicated to the Church founded by Christ in the first century as recorded in the book of Acts. We have no manmade creeds. We believe the Bible is enough. We are affiliated with other "Independent Christian Churches and Colleges" all over the world.

Our "Church" is not the facility that you might picture residing at 2712 W Harvard in Roseburg. The Bible says that God does not dwell in a house made by human hands. The Church is God's people, His saved ones. You will find many warm, wonderful, caring people at Westside Christian. They are not perfect. Only by God's grace are we saved. We are imperfect but we try sincerely to follow His leading as revealed through His Word.