We encourage you to become involved in a Small Group Bible Study.

With many different times and days to choose from, we hope

you will find one that fills your need to grow in your Christian life!

Please call the group leader for more information and location.

2019 Small Group Activities

Youth Groups
5:00 pmGrade 6-12
Grade 1 -5
Ross & Kris VanHouten
Billy Davis
Sunday5:00 pmAdultBrian Garland 503-551-5518
Tuesday7:00 pmMenRick McMichael530-3384
Wednesday9:30 amMenRick McMichael530-3384
Wednesday9:30 amWomenSue McMichael530-7668
Thursday7:00 pmAdultRick McMichael530-3384
Thursday6:00 pmAdultTim & Kathy Powell673-1430